Sunday, January 15, 2012

Relaxing weekend

Ahh this weekend was great! Unlike last weekend, I didn't have to work. Instead I got to do exactly what I wanted, which is always nice :)

Friday night we had my parents and brother over for dinner. I made Baked Zucchini Sticks with Marinara Sauce, a big green salad, and we made homemade pizzas! It was a lot of fun, delicious, and very healthy. The other option we had tossed around was going out for dinner but I find it so much harder to find healthy options that still fill-up and satisfy me, so for tonight staying in worked out well. I also had half a bottle of Dirty Landry Merlot *hiccup*, which was great. Gotta add it to my wine journal!
I am lucky to live near the Okanagan Valley and each summer my Mom, sister, and I visit my Grandparents (who live there) and do a wine tasting trip. There are over 100 wineries within a 30 min drive from my Grandparents' place (including some within walking/stumbling distance) - it's amazing. My Grandparents live on a lake and I always loved spending a couple of weeks there each summer when I was a kid. Now, I still like visiting them - but for other reasons! Here are a couple pictures from our trip this last year.

My sister and I at Dirty Laundry
Me, my Mom, and my Sister <3
We also went horseback riding while we were there last summer. 
Riding off into the sunset!

Me and a foal
Me and my Grandpa - making memories
Ok...back to my weekend. Saturday morning I hit the gym for a great cardio workout. They happened to have the US Olympic Marathon Trials the TV at the gym. Turns out watching a marathon while you're doing cardio is very motivating!! I ended up doing 50 min just because I wanted to see the finish.

Then yesterday afternoon my husband and I finished planning the trip we are going on in March. Over 10 days we will visit Barcelona, Paris, and Madrid. This will likely be our last vacation for a long time and we are very excited for it. Back in June we stumbled across an amazing deal on airfare to Madrid and decided to go for it! Now everything is booked and all that remains is for me to plan out what we'll see (I like planning things out in advance so we feel like we're making the most of our trip.

Today is a very relaxing day. I went to the gym this morning and did a great cardio + strength workout. I know I am going to be sore tomorrow!! Then I spent this afternoon at Starbucks, drinking my new favourite tea (chai tea bag + sugar-free cinnamon dolce syrup), catching up on blogs, planning our trip, and finishing my book. Tonight I made myself a flatbread veggie pizza for dinner and caught up on TV (Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice)! Can't complain - it's been a wonderful weekend. :)

Flatbread pizza

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  1. I wonder if they have kale in Spain?? :) Looks like a wonderful weekend! Way to go on those workouts!!!