Saturday, January 7, 2012

A day in the life

So I don't think I'll be posting my daily eats each day, but I thought I'd try it out! Today is a pretty typical "on plan" day for me, so it will give you an idea of the types of things I eat.

Since it was Saturday I slept in a little bit! What a difference having a couple extra hours of sleep makes. For breakfast I had oatmeal with some cooked strawberries and 1/2 banana stirred in (with a splash of almond milk added after the picture was taken).  It's not the prettiest but it was tasty and filling!

After breakfast I had to go to work. Yes, I know it's Saturday but my job requires me work weekends a lot of times sometimes. For example this weekend I am writing a manuscript that has to be done by Monday (or at least a good draft).  I brought my lunch from home. First I had salad with honey mustard dressing (I finally picked this up Roz - it's delicious!).

Then a bit later I had the last of my delicious homemade turkey soup and a pack of WW crackers.

Later I was a bit peckish, but not hungry so I had a mini candycane (did you know these only have 17 calories?) For me, something like this really hits the spot. I grew up having dessert after every meal so I often crave something sweet after lunch and dinner. This is a habit I'm trying to break but it is tough! So instead of having something that would throw my eating out of whack I try to have something small, like this or a piece of gum.

I also had 1 pt of these WW candies in the afternoon.

Then on the way home I picked up some groceries, including a rotisserie chicken, which my husband kindly dissected for me when I came home. Don't you love this apron my sister gave us for Christmas? Trust me, the sentiment is appropriate whether he or I are wearing it! I love whole chickens but hate the mess, so this worked out well for me!

For an "appetizer" for dinner I made bruschetta from tomatoes, garlic, basil, and a little vinaigrette. I recently bought this "basil in a tube"and it's great! It tastes like delicious, freshly chopped basil but without the hassle. I had my bruschetta with some melba toast and a glass of diet cranberry cocktail + diet 7up.

Then for dinner I had Caesar salad topped with some of the chicken! It was delicious and filling. I just use bottled low-calorie Caesar salad dressing and it works great. If I were to order this in a restaurant it would be a ridiculous number of points - my version worked out to 5 pt.  

Now my husband is out for the evening so it's time for me to catch up on some TV. I'm currently having a mug of sugar-free apple cider (15 calories) and I'll probably have some sort of snack later. I have about 6 pts left for the day.

Today was a rest day, so no gym today but I'll go again tomorrow. After I go to work. *sigh* Oh well, I guess that's part of being Dr. Melisa!

One last thing - at the market today I bought 2 big bunches of kale. I've never had it before, but I'm planning on using one bunch for kale chips and the other for massaged kale salad so stay tuned for that in the next couple of days!


  1. Hi Melisa,
    LOVE the sweaty workout shot from yesterday. And REALLY love the apron Evan is wearing! So fun. Look forward to hearing how you like the kale salad. Whatcha gonna top it with?

  2. Great looking food! I too found that a piece of hard candy or a hot drink really helped me avoid eating something I really didn't want or need. That soup with the spinach noodles looks tasty!

  3. Hi Melisa,

    Found your blog via Lyn's. I love the word peckish. It is a great word. I also love the apron. It made me smile.

    Enjoy your day and your food,

    Vanessa Joy

  4. I'm eager to hear what you think of the kale. I tried "chips" once. I had great expectations since I discovered that veggies are so much better roasted. I was disappointed.