Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Attack of the Monthly Munchies

Well, today didn't go exactly as I had planned. I did well eating a healthy breakfast and lunch and dinner. But then I had a hormone-fueled attack of the munchies. Ugh. For 2 days a month, right on schedule, my willpower disintegrates and I want to devour everything in sight. Since it happens with such regularity, you'd think I'd be able to prepare myself and resist. But no. Tonight after dinner I ate 2 small bowls of chocolate rice krispies and a 1/2 bag of baked salt and vinegar chips. I mean, it could have been worse, but still, not good. I really shouldn't keep those chips in the house. I like them too much.

My delicious nemesis
The good part is at 7:15pm I regained my composure and put on my gym clothes. I went to the gym and did 60 min of cardio: 20 min running, 20 min stair-stepper, and 20 min elliptical. I burned 700 calories! It was not the most comfortable working out with a tummy full of salty chips but I did it. Now I am bloated and tired but glad I went. I'm sure the scale will be up tomorrow no matter what, but I'm sure going to the gym mitigated some of the damage. Either way, tomorrow is a new day and I will again try to do my best!

In other news I had some "headshots" done this week at work. Here are a few of my faves :)

I'll check back in tomorrow! Happy Leap Day!


  1. Awesome pics! Way to go to the gym to break the eating cycle!

  2. I love those pictures! Glad you got back into your exercise routine. It always makes me feel so much better.