Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Throwing out the bathwater (not the baby)

Tonight Evan and I went out for dinner. I hadn't eaten too much all day - and my weigh-in tonight went well -  so I decided I could order whatever I wanted to eat. I hadn't had fish and chips for sooo long, so that's what I went with. And I ate the whole thing (2 pieces of fish and a bunch of french fries). And it was really good!

But once I got home two things happened:

1. I got serious sweet cravings. For the last little bit I haven't had to deal too much with cravings. It could be hormonal (it's around that time) or it could be triggered by the less healthy dinner choice. I ended up eating a box of WW Fruities (2 pts) and a bowl of frozen yogurt with sugar-free syrup (4 points).

2. We realized we have eating out dinner plans Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday. That's a lot of potentially dangerous eating situations in the next week!

In the past, this might have been the start of a slide. With the poor choices tonight and a tough week ahead, it would be easy to ease off and accept a gain. But I'm not going to let that happen this time. I have been feeling so good lately! I am at my lowest consistent weight (tonight I was 145 lbs at weigh-in) and I feeling very fit from all my exercise. All my clothes fit great and I don't want to back-slide.

Besides, it's not like one poor dinner is the end of the world. I didn't actually track today but I'm guessing I ate 40 points. Obviously that's not ideal, but if I think of it as just using 11 of my weeklies...that's not so bad! Instead of fretting over it, I'm going to start fresh tomorrow and have a healthy day (including a work-out). Then I'm going to make the best choices I can over the next week. I will eat well when I'm at home and make reasonable choices when I go out. I will also work out tomorrow, maybe Thursday (depending on timing), Saturday, and Sunday. Over the next week I will use this blog to be accountable! My goal is to weigh-in at WW next Tuesday within my goal range. If I'm up a little from tonight, that's ok, but I'm going to try to minimize it. Yay for a plan!

These "challenges" are part of normal life. I need to be able to handle eating out in order to maintain this lifestyle for the rest of my life. Earlier I was freaking out a bit - but now that I have a plan I feel much more in control. Here's to balancing maintenance and real life!! 

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