Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Back from Banff

I am back from my conference and mini-vacation. It was great!! When my roommate and I checked into the hotel, the room we had been assigned wasn't ready. So instead of getting a small, cramped room with 2 twin beds we got...a HUGE room on the 8th floor with 2 queens and a killer view!! I think this was a MAJOR upgrade. Check out the view from our room:

Gorgeous! The conference was good but busy. It ran everyday from 8am to 10pm, but we had afternoons off to have some fun. We went skiing:

And on an ice walk in Johnston Canyon. There was some amazing scenery!

Then I went to Edmonton and visited my sister! We had a great long weekend (Hi Ali!). It was just so nice to hang out and spend some time together. We didn't have a lot planned out ahead of time but managed to fill our time shopping, going to the dinner theater, shopping, relaxing, watching TV, and shopping! It was a very good time and some excellent retail therapy. Thanks, Ali, so much for being a great host and wonderful sister :)

So back to my goal about not losing my hip bones...Tonight I weighed in at WW. That's right - the day after being away for 1.5 weeks. And I weighed the same as 2 weeks ago. This is a huge victory for me - this is the first time I have ever gone away on vacation and not gained weight. This time I tried not to let food be that much of a big deal. I made good food choices and enjoyed my drinks. I practiced moderation and survived!! My hip bones are still nicely in place ;) I really feel like I'm at the place where this is my LIFE and to keep on the right track I'm going to weigh in next week too...and the week after that!


  1. I had a great visit with you too! Way to have the right attitude...so proud of you!

  2. GORGEOUS photos Melisa!!!!!!!! And big big yay for the Tuesday weigh in!!!!!